First, what is Twitter?/Social network and microblogging service
                    Twitter is described as "the Internet's short message service". Non-registered users of the website can read public tweets, while registered users can post messages through the Twitter website, SMS or various applications.
                    Twitter has become an important source of global news, entertainment and commentary today.

                    Second, how does Twitter promotion help my business?

                    Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms on the web. Because it uses a fast-release format and a single timetable for accessibility, it is a quick way to obtain information for many users.
                    Enterprises have the opportunity to build followers and use the followers to generate potential customers. It can also be used as a platform for interaction with buyers to receive feedback, help and promote products to them.
                    1. Promote website click conversion
                    The click rate is very high, and Twitter Ads is more effective in this area.
                    2. Low cost, simple operation
                    Ads are accurately pushed to match ads based on users' favorite content.
                    3. Fast spread

                    Twitter ads spread very quickly, mainly through the following methods: like, comment, share, repost, etc. to expose information.

                    Third, the form of Facebook advertising
                    1. Consciousness
                    Improve brand awareness by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it. For the awareness type of advertising, you can promote your tweets to maximize your advertising effectiveness and increase awareness of brand messages from a wide audience.
                    2. Watch the video
                    Video viewing activities are designed to increase the number of users who watch videos and promote your videos to attract target audiences.

                    In follower-type activities, you only need to let people interact with you according to the wishes of your followers, that is, you will promote your Twitter account, and your followers will amplify your information and promote your account to build an audience that attracts.

                    Fourth, how does Twitter promote marketing
                    1. Familiar with Twitter advanced search
                    Refine your search and find what you are looking for, such as using common terms or popular phrases.
                    2. Find Twitter trending and popular hashtags
                    3. Grasp the time period when Twitter’s online traffic is the largest for promotion and marketing
                    4. Blog promotion
                    Through some third-party tools, you can automatically publish your latest blog posts
                    5. Using images
                    The survey found that the transcription rate of pictures is three to three times higher than that of ordinary articles. As the images occupy the main page of Twitter, the information becomes more prominent.