What is EDM?
                    EDM is the abbreviation of Email Direct Marketing, that is, email marketing, or email marketing for short. EDM is a direct marketing method that uses e-mail (Email) to communicate with audiences and customers. It can effectively assist your company in promotion and send your promotional activities, member communications, event invitations, welcome messages, etc. in the first time To the customer's mailbox.

                     EDM function (why do EDM)
                     Recommend the company's new products-Recommend the company's latest products to customers
                     Preferential and short-term promotion-help the company to make preferential and short-term promotion
                     Establishing company brand image-advertising through e-mail to impress customers and supervising company brand image
                     Increase the company's turnover-Help the company attract new customers through emails to increase turnover

                     Attract members and new customers-through email marketing can attract new members and more new customers.

                    Company advantage (why choose us)
                    ①Multiple customer choices:
                    Customer status filtering, source filtering can be performed, and grouping labels can be customized; according to needs, precise and direct effect, targeting target customers
                    ②Support one-click group mailing
                     can send personalized customized emails to specific subdivision groups, and can be sent regularly
                    ③ Choose a variety of exquisite templates:
                    Intuitive content and style custom design can be done in visual editing, with rich and colorful expressions: text, pictures, animation, audio, video, and hyperlinks can all be reflected in EDM
                    ④Tracking mail status at any time:
                     Complete and fair monitoring system, fair and scientific monitoring and statistics of the mail has been delivered, opened, clicked status, and obtain the corresponding sales leads; clear dynamic map for customer reference
                    ⑤Quick and high success rate
                     It only takes a few minutes to create beautifully designed and responsive emails

                     EDM FAQ(?)

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