What?-What is it? What can I do?
                    Why? Why do you want to do this social media promotion? (Features)
                    How? How to do it?

                    First, what is Linkedin?/Global professional social networking site

                    LinkedIn, a global workplace social platform, is a social network (SNS) for business customers. The purpose of the website is to allow registered users to maintain the contacts they know and trust in business interactions, commonly known as "personal connections."

                    Second, how does Linkedin promotion help the business?

                     LinkedIn LinkedIn is a global professional social platform with more than 500 million members worldwide. At LinkedIn, we can easily build a professional image, gain business insights, expand professional connections and discover more career opportunities.
                     If you are not running an ad campaign on LinkedIn, you will miss a huge opportunity to bring high-quality potential customers back to your website.
                     There are several advantages to using LinkedIn to develop customers:
                    1. Huge global user group
                     LinkedIn currently has more than 500 million users worldwide, and China has more than 50 million. Because LinkedIn locates the characteristics of global business socialization, it can be developed to customers in any country in the world.

                    2. The quality of users is extremely high and the commercial value is great
                     Most of the users who use LinkedIn LinkedIn are 30-40 years old, and men are higher than women. These people are all in the company's management or high-level and have great decision-making powers, and can directly contact those with decision-making powers. There is no need to report through all levels, which greatly shortens the development customer cycle.
                    3. Precise orientation
                     With the help of LinkedIn based on the first-party proprietary data and powerful precise targeting function, we can locate suitable potential customers among high-quality target customers, and only establish contacts and contacts with these people, and don't waste impressions and clicks.
                    4. Users naturally do not resist advertisements
                     Linkedin is a business social tool, so users on the platform have business needs, they have the need to publish advertisements, and they also need to obtain more business information through advertisements. Therefore, users are naturally not resistant to advertisements. Therefore, they keep advertising Experience will not negatively affect the brand.

                    Third, the form of Linkedin advertising

                    LinkedIn ads target users on all devices based on factors such as location, company, title, job function, school, gender, and age.

                    1. Text ads

                     Text ads are fast and easy to set up and manage, and can drive traffic to websites or LinkedIn company pages.
                     text ads are displayed in groups of three, usually with "ads that may be of interest to you" or "promotions" as the headline.
                     2. Sponsored content advertising (paid advertising)
                     Sponsored content allows you to promote posts on your company page to your target audience on LinkedIn. 3.InMail advertising

                    InMail is similar to a site message, allowing you to send personalized messages to target LinkedIn users through LinkedIn Messenger. The display of advertisements is the same as regular InMail. These emails include customizable subject, body text, and call to action buttons.
                     4. Video advertising
                     Video can more intuitively convey what individuals or companies want to present, the operation page is more convenient, and the transmission volume is larger.

                    Fourth, how does Linkedin promote marketing
                    1. Active marketing
                    You can directly search for industry names, company names or product names in LinkedIn
                    2. Add target customers through the network
                    3. Establish company homepage and release products
                    4. Select the corresponding audience group and place the corresponding advertising format.