First, What is Instagram?/Social application software for sharing pictures and videos

                    Instagram is a community application under the Facebook company that provides free online photo and video sharing. It allows users to take photos with their smartphones and then add different filter effects to the photos, and then share them on social network services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

                     Second, How does Instagram promotion help the business?

                     Instagram is a visual social media network. For businesses that rely on branding and visual appeal, Instagram can easily become one of the most influential social media platforms on the Internet.
                     Companies investing in Instagram have achieved success in increasing brand awareness, increasing interaction with audiences, and improving online audience sales and conversions.
                     1. Images will truly show visitors the true value of the product or service
                     2. A stronger Facebook relationship
                    3. More extensive search function

                     Instagram makes extensive use of hashtags and search functions, making it easier to find influential users or specific topics.

                     Third, How does Instagram promote marketing

                    1. Use more relevant tags
                    Highly relevant tags will undoubtedly bring more exposure opportunities for your posts, but remember not to use tags that are not related to the brand or product.
                    2. Use emoji effectively

                    Use emoji to emphasize certain keywords, allowing consumers to quickly catch the key points
                     You can use emoticons near certain keywords to attract the attention of consumers and enable users to grasp the key points of the text more quickly.
                     Use emoticons to strengthen advocacy for users to click on the action button (call to action)
                  Using emoticons before and after links or other action buttons can increase users’ click opportunities, and even add forms to links to get more detailed information such as user emails, so that marketing is no longer just a unilateral push. It can interact with users more customized.
                     Use emoji to make your reply unique
                     Instagram allows users to tag emoticons, and positive emoticons are more powerful than negative ones, and are more likely to resonate with the public.

                    Fourth, Use filters correctly and present high-quality image posts