First, What is Facebook? / The world's largest social networking site

                    Facebook is a social network service website. In addition to text messages, Facebook users can also send pictures, videos, documents, stickers and audio media messages to other users, and share the user's location through the integrated map function.

                    Second, How does Facebook promotion help the business?

                    Facebook is the most extensive social networking platform in the world, and the best accurate marketing platform in the world.
                     The number of monthly active users on the Facebook platform is as high as 2 billion, which makes it a high-quality platform for businesses of all sizes to develop their businesses. Regardless of whether the company is just getting in touch with social media marketing or is hoping to open up a new path of development, advertising on Facebook is a wise choice.

                    1. The core positioning based on real user data can accurately delineate potential target users;
                    2. Diversified and all-round advertising, accurate delivery of product information;
                    3. The target effect conversion rate is better;
                    4. Accumulate customers at low cost;
                     5. Wide target audience

                    Third, the form of Facebook advertising

                    1. Link advertising
                     Attract the attention of the audience, drive the audience to your website, and bring traffic to the website.

                    2. Carousel link ads
                     Display 3-5 pictures and links in each ad unit to guide users to a specific location on the website.

                    3. Carousel video ads
                     Display 3-5 creatives in each ad unit, which can include videos or pictures.

                    4. Mobile App Installation Ads
                     Let the audience discover your mobile app and attract them to install it.

                    5. Interactive advertising for mobile apps

                    6. Prospective client advertising
                     provides advertisers with a fast and safe way to register, such as e-journals, discounts and quotations, to facilitate receiving information from users and quickly follow up with potential customers.

                    Fourth, How does Facebook promote marketing?

                    1. Establish a Facebook company homepage to improve information
                     2. Start a Facebook group and improve group information
                    3. Use the network to add industry-related customers
                    4. Familiar with Facebook posting skills
                     5. Advertise when the audience is most active