How to choose the right social media platform for foreign trade enterprises

                  Time: 2019-06-18

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                  How to choose the right social media platform for foreign trade enterprises

                    Nowadays, whether it is an internal trade enterprise or a foreign trade enterprise, it is inevitable that social marketing will be carried out in marketing promotion. However, there are so many social platforms on the market, what platform is suitable for the promotion of corporate brands? Today, Kelly’s foreign trade promotion is directed at foreign social media. The platform analyzes and helps companies choose the right platform for them.

                    Each social media platform has its own unique user base and different usage preferences. If you want to choose the one that suits you from many platforms, we need to understand the different characteristics. The following foreign trade promotion Xiaobian will specifically talk about it.

                    1, Facebook

                    At present, Facebook is the king of traffic in many social media platforms, with a huge user base. For the promotion of the Facebook platform, Kaililong Company recommends that companies place paid advertisements. The advantage of paid advertising is that it is highly targeted and highly relevant to consumer preferences, and is more effective than presenting ads to non-potential customers. Of course, paid advertising requires companies to invest a certain amount of cost, but as long as there are good advertising content and propaganda techniques, they can get good revenue for the company.

                    2, Twitter

                    Regardless of the type of product the company sells, Twitter users like interesting content, pictures, and inspiring maxims. If you can link Twitter users' preferences to your own brand for content distribution, it is very likely that this community network will attract more people who are concerned about related topics, or increase the number of forwardings and improve the visibility of the brand. And even develop new customers.

                    Twitter is more effective and real-time. If you can respond to customer information in real time and accurately on Twitter, it may also enhance the brand image and evaluation, which will help the sales of the product.

                    If the product is a relatively high-risk product that requires more after-sales service, such as an electronic product, Twitter is a highly recommended social network that can effectively solve problems for customers in a timely manner.

                    3, Instagram

                    The strength of the Instagram platform lies in the picture, which is a very friendly platform for the brand, and does not filter or hide any dynamics, or it is presented in a messy manner. Instagram is more suitable for brands with physical environment display space, a large number of products and accessories can be displayed in the same screen. For example, clothing accessories can be displayed in the real world, and at the same time, it is easy to make beautiful and artistic photos, and even tell the story of the product through photos, it is also suitable for Instagram. However, if the brand does not meet the above requirements, as long as it can create a creative strategy, with consistent theme labels, video discussions, Instagram can also promote the brand image or sales volume.

                    4, Pinterest

                    About 87% of users are used to finding things and buying things on Pinterest. The five categories of topics that these users prefer to search in Pinterest are: food, home decoration, clothing accessories, hairdressing and beauty, and health and fitness. Among them, the diet accounted for nearly 80%, and the home decoration accounted for 60%.

                    If your brand is within the above five categories of topics, it is a good place to use Pinterest as the main social network. Users often like to "pin" their favorite topics on their bulletin boards as an indicator of future purchases, so if your bulletin board looks enticing and unique, it may also attract users' attention. High traffic and popularity of purchases.

                    5, LinkedIn

                    To operate a social network relationship through LinkedIn, you must be aware that users who are usually interested in your company, such as looking for a job or a business partner, do not use the marketing and promotion of the product.

                    Finally, the foreign trade promotion Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that when choosing a foreign media platform to carry out marketing promotion, it is necessary to clearly understand the positioning of its own market, in order to choose the most effective and reasonable way to help its promotion, so as to obtain as much economic benefits as possible.