Talking about the optimization skills of Facebook advertising

                  Time: 2019-06-18

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                  Talking about the optimization skills of Facebook advertising

                    The basis for affecting the effectiveness of Facebook advertising is the broad audience, but how can we find the target audience among many users? Overseas Promotion Xiaobian recommends that you use Facebook analytics data to help you improve your conversion rate and promote your target audience when you put Facebook ads. Conversion.

                    First, we need to enter the facebook analytics page and check the corresponding pixels. Based on the existing data analysis, we will have a certain understanding of the traffic structure and visitor characteristics, and initially determine the characteristics of the people who advertise. Then what do we do specifically?

                    If the advertiser chooses how to administer CPM, you can optimize the image by selecting the "Active Users" option on the facebook analytics page to view the click-through rate data for different device types, different platforms, and compare and analyze the data. If the conversion rate becomes higher, the quality of the affected ad images will become larger, and the bids can be reduced accordingly to achieve cost savings.

                    Different delivery strategies for different groups, which is a popular targeted delivery, is conducive to submit conversion rates. Factors affecting the conversion rate of the ad include product price, user trust, and willingness to purchase. Here overseas promotion Xiaobian mainly analyzes the price of the product and the willingness of the user to purchase.

                    Targeted product price

                    Select "Percentiles" in facebook analytics to see the overall consumption habits of audiences in different channels or in different countries. Here, overseas promotion editors recommend that you focus on the data of the top 40% of selected audiences, which plays a vital role in targeted marketing. . If the price of A product is $100 and the price of B product is $50, we can deliver product B to people with lower spending power. This will result in a larger turnover rate. Xiaobian here lists the comparative data of the United States and the United Kingdom. We can clearly see that there are certain differences in consumption habits between the audiences in the two regions.

                    Willingness to purchase

                    The user's willingness to purchase can usually be divided into general purchase intention and strong purchase intention. After obtaining data such as country and equipment, the advertiser can target the targeted delivery. For example, the visitor's willingness to purchase is not too strong, it may not be urgent, or just understand first, maybe he will join the shopping cart first, or will use it later. When this product is reduced in price, it may arouse the customer's desire to purchase.

                    Above, Kelly's overseas promotion editors only put forward some feasible optimization techniques for the Facebook Analytics tool, which helps advertisers to improve the conversion rate of Facebook ads and earn real profits for the company.