"5W" key points for mobile marketing during the holiday season

                  Time: 2019-06-18

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                  `5W` key points for mobile marketing during the holiday season

                    At the end of each year, it is a good time for companies to carry out festival marketing. Regardless of the marketing of the company, the key is to grasp the opportunity. Today, the overseas marketing editor from "5W" takes everyone to understand how to carry out mobile marketing during the holiday season, hoping to bring inspiration to everyone.


                    Shopping with mobile devices is a big trend nowadays. Using mobile devices is fast and convenient for shopping, and it is increasingly favored by consumers around the world. The data shows that the global mobile side of the conversion accounted for 53% of the total conversion, exceeding the PC-side conversion. The preferred mobile side, the number of people planning to use mobile devices to complete most holiday shopping, is also growing.


                    Nowadays, the younger generation of consumers and services have gradually become the consumers who dominate mobile shopping. More than half of young consumers prefer to use the mobile side for shopping, and many parents are very dependent on their mobile phones, so they also choose to use mobile devices for shopping.


                    In recent years, the online shopping festival has swept the world and has become a feast for shopping for all. Well-known shopping festivals in the West, such as Black Friday, are being introduced to the East, and the number of participants has increased year by year. Similarly, some shopping festivals originating from the East have gradually emerged in the West. For example, “Double Eleven” has become one of the largest online shopping festivals in the world.

                    The holiday season is usually the busiest season for consumers, and the mobile side is better able to help them use their free time to complete their shopping. The data shows that during the holiday season, consumers are more mobile on the way to and from work and on weekends. People tend to use the desktop to shop when they work, and they use mobile devices during commuting to and from work. In addition to considering advertising on different devices for different time periods, you must also focus on cross-device tracking conversions.


                    What do foreign consumers prefer to buy? At present, it seems that consumers are still buying mainstream clothing during the holiday season. Of course, merchants should always pay attention to market dynamics and constantly explore new growth points. In the United States, for example, electronic products, games and toys are also widely loved, and will become a new growth point in the peak season.


                    As for why consumers tend to use mobile to shop, overseas promotion Xiaobian believes that mobile shopping can bring a more positive experience to consumers. Shoppers who prefer mobile are more enjoyable shopping, and think that this makes the festive atmosphere more intense.

                    In this article, the overseas promotion editors mainly started with the 5W of Where, Who, When, What and Why and explained the mobile marketing of the holiday season. Nowadays, mobile marketing is not only the focus of domestic marketing, but also an important way for enterprises to promote marketing in foreign countries.