Five steps to create a quality Facebook advertising account structure

                  Time: 2019-06-18

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                  Five steps to create a quality Facebook advertising account structure

                    Advertising on Facebook, how to create a good advertising account is a concern of many companies. Foreign trade promotion Xiaobian believes that as long as the simple and effective positioning budget allocation, combined with the application of event optimization this powerful tool, can help enterprises to obtain target users. In this article, the foreign trade promotion company Kelly Long will analyze it specifically.

                    First, allocate the budget reasonably to different audiences

                    First of all, we should use multinational similar audience positioning, or multi-country similar audience positioning, usually recommend the use of multi-national similar audience positioning, unless companies want to dig deep into individual markets. Multi-country similar audience positioning can select multiple target countries at a time, locate and explore new high-quality audiences in different international markets, and have wider coverage and more powerful functions than similar multi-national audiences that can only be positioned in another overseas country.

                    Second, focus on application event optimization, allocate optimization budget

                    Based on application event optimization, rational allocation of optimized budget. When optimizing, it is recommended to optimize the application event by 60% of the budget, and the remaining 40% will carry out marketing activities optimized for installation volume. Of course, not all application installations can bring benefits to the enterprise, so don't blindly pursue the installation. Combine application event optimization to discover users who may continue to take valuable action in the application to maximize long-term application value.

                    Third, three major positioning and global positioning

                    The three major positionings refer to pan targeting, interest targeting, and similar audience targeting, combined with global positioning to find high-quality target users on a global scale. Global positioning allows companies to click on all their audiences and quickly expand the base of their target audience on a global scale, which is convenient and fast.

                    Fourth, separate important countries

                    When targeting globally, companies can remove important countries and markets with high ad returns or high potentials from advertising, and set up separate promotions or ad groups for them to target. If the company has not yet determined which countries or markets are more important, it can also be launched on a global scale. After a period of time, analyze and summarize, to see which markets have higher returns on advertising investment, and then deal with them.

                    Fifth, the sub-important countries can be divided into two levels of simplified management

                    Sub-important countries may not be as important, but they also have certain potential. How can we dig out target users for such countries? In the case of limited resources, the proposal for foreign trade promotion can directly divide the sub-important countries into two levels. Simplify processing. Choose the top 30 countries, divide them into two levels, create separate multi-national audiences based on each level, set different automatic bidding caps, track performance and adjust each level of the country accordingly.